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General rules

For complete rules visit the official page of Skyhoundz Championships.

 Each contestant must read and sign, without modification, the Hyperflite Skyhoundz Registration Form, which contains a liability waiver and publicity release. Competitors are responsible for reading and understanding the competition rules before they compete. Because of time constraints, no practice throws will be permitted at any Hyperflite Skyhoundz events.

No props of any kind, including capes, vests or other adornments worn by canines, are permitted in competition. No food treats are permitted to be given to dogs while on the competition field. This will prevent dropped or uneaten treats from remaining on the field and distracting competing canines. Female dogs in any stage of heat will not be permitted to compete and must not be brought to the competition site. If a spectator’s dog runs onto the field during a competitor’s round, time will be suspended. Once the spectator’s dog is leashed and has been removed from the field, time will resume from the point of interruption. Officials will use every effort to allow the interrupted team to be returned to their status on the field, including physical field location and time remaining, at the point of the interruption. The judges decisions are final and are not subject to video review.

In exceptional circumstances, Organizers (after consulting with the Chief Judge) have the discretion to modify Skyhoundz rules, but only to the extent necessary to safely, efficiently, and fairly run a Skyhoundz event.

Canine Welfare

Competitors are responsible for the safety and welfare of their dogs. Competing canines must be supervised and under the care and control of their throwers/owners at all times. Only the competing dog, thrower, and contest officials are allowed on the field during competition. Dogs must be leashed at all times, except when competing.

There are presently no limitations as to the number of events you or your dog may enter, or in which divisions. However, the same thrower/dog combination may only compete once per division/class. It is the owner/trainer’s responsibility to ensure that competing canines do not compete in more events than would be advisable given the prevailing weather conditions, with specific consideration given to the fitness and general health of the competing canine. At all Skyhoundz Championships, the Chief Judge will have final authority on the issue of whether a dog is fit to compete.

Abusive treatment of a canine, or any conduct of a competitor which might be perceived by spectators as such, will not be tolerated. Contest officials may disqualify any competitor who engages in this type of behavior. The wearing of electronic or chemical training aids, of any sort (active or inactive), will not be permitted during competition.

Competitors with overly aggressive dogs may not be permitted to compete if such canines are believed to pose a danger to people or other canines.

Freestyle vaults, utilizing the trainer’s body as a launch pad, should be minimized or excluded from routines altogether. If attempted, vaults should be performed in a controlled and safe manner. Excessive height, or frequent repetitions of vaults, will not increase the likelihood of a higher score.


Skyhoundz has selected Hyperflite flying discs as the exclusive flying discs of the Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship Series.

At all Skyhoundz competitions (including, but not limited to, Local Championships, State Championships, DiscDogathon Qualifiers, Skyhoundz Classic Qualifiers, Xtreme Distance Qualifiers, DiscDogathon World Championship, Skyhoundz Classic World Championship, and Xtreme Distance World Championship), all competitors are required to use genuine Hyperflite discs. This change will ensure that the Skyhoundz Series will be around for future generations of canine disc enthusiasts to enjoy. Specific Skyhoundz disc-use rules can be found on the Event Rules tab in the Competition section of the Skyhoundz website.


For consistency in scoring, regardless of the competitive event, judges should not be substituted in the middle of a competitive round. Judges should never compete in any event/class that they are also judging even if a substitute judge is available.

Judges shall not compete in any event/class that they are also judging.


For consistencyand clarity across all levels of events, the official language of Skyhoundz events is English and measurements is in yards, feet, and inches. Coming up Next. On Deck, In The Hole, Are you Ready, Go, and all countdowns should be made in English. All field measurements and markings should be in yards, feet, and inches.

Nature Breaks

Dog owners/trainers are required to clean up after their dog’s nature breaks. If a “nature break” takes place during a competitive round, at any Skyhoundz competition, the timing clock will continue to run. A competitor should not interfere physically with a canine during a nature break but may call the canine in an effort to expedite the canine’s return to playing status. Any clean-up necessary must be accomplished by the human team member upon completion of the round.

Where required by local ordinance, all participating dogs must have proof of Rabies inoculation and license. Parvo and Kennel Cough vaccinations are strongly recommended.


Although not every team can finish in the top positions at a Skyhoundz competition, you are all winners in the eyes of your canines. So, when you’re out on the field competing, don’t forget to have fun with your best friend. Skyhoundz will not tolerate displays of unsportsmanlike conduct at any level of competition in the Skyhoundz Series.

We urge you to familiarize yourself with our rules regarding unsportsmanlike behavior and understand that we will have a zero tolerance policy for unseemly displays of poor sportsmanship at our series of family-friendly competitions.

Whether or not you agree with your scores, you will be well served to treat the judges, officials, and organizers with respect and interact with them as you would want others to interact with you.

The Hyperflite Skyhoundz Championship Series represents family entertainment at its finest. Accordingly, competitors should avoid confrontations with other competitors or challenges of contest officials. Abusive language or other inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a contestant’s disqualification from competition. Finally, please review the section on Sportsmanship at the beginning of the Competition Section of Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide.

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